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African American Couple

Counseling Services Provided

Our therapists are licensed, or are under supervision for licensure, and trained in family systems, cognitive-behavioral, relapse prevention and solution-focused perspectives. Comprehensive mental health and substance abuse services are available at our locations in Woodbridge, Leesburg and Alexandria. Services in Spanish are also available.

Our mental health services include:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Couples Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Multicultural Counseling
  • Mental Health Evaluations
  • School Evaluations
  • Weight Management Evaluations
  • Psychological Evaluations
  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Evaluations
  • Parenting Evaluations


  • Women's Group
  • S.A.L.U.T.E. support group for military personnel and their families
  • Parenting classes

We specialize in treating:

  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Substance abuse 
  • Major mental health disorders 

Issues related to development:


  • Divorce
  • Empty nest syndrome
  • Family reunification
  • Aging
  • Young families with children and adolescents